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Kyle Wood Racing - Race Results 2006

Round Track Race 1 Rrace 2 Trophy Race
Wakefield Park DNS- Electrical Failure 9 th Intermittent electrical Problem 6 th Intermittent electrical Problem
Eastern Creek 5 th Carburettor-related misfire 5 th Carburettor-related misfire 4 th Carburettor-related misfire
Oran Park 4 th DNF Rear contact 6 th
Oran Park DNF Electrical Failure 7 th DNF Electrical Failure
Wakefield Park 2 nd 2 nd 1st
Eastern Creek 2 nd ...Leading until oil spill last lap 9 th Rear Contact first corner 3 rd

Round 1 saw a less than favourable outcome, where despite showing undoubtebly quick pace, intermittent electrical problems resulted in Kyle coming to a stop on only the warm-up lap of race 1. Close examination by mechanics failed to locate the source of the problem.

Round 2 saw almost all electrical parts replaced including the use of a new carburetor in the hopes that a small power advantage may be gained. Although placed as high as 2nd tuning difficulties with the new carburetor saw a slight lack of power mid-corner evidently sacrificing speed onto Eastern Creek's very long straights making us vulnerable to be slip streamed and passed and finished in 4 th position. The intermittent electrical problems re-emerged for the next 2 rounds and as a result Kyle's win still remained elusive. The car was again completely rewired after round 4 and every electrical component was replaced. This proved to be very effective and put an end to these extremely frustrating scenarios.

Round 5 was the first round Kyle could show the pace everyone knew he had all year, and after a tough weekend-long battle with series leader Ben Morley who had been relatively untouchable all year, Kyle secured his maiden Formula Ford race win in the trophy race and accumulated enough points to also take out the round.

Round 6 Kyle moved into the lead in race one until the last lap where it was simply bad luck which cost him the race win. Coming into the latter stages of the last lap Kyle came across a large oil slick left by a back marker the previous lap as a result of an engine failure. Kyle was unaware of this as there was no oil flag shown, and was lucky to continue after sliding across it and off the track onto the grass (about 15 other people also ran off). Kyle's ambitions to take back to back round wins were in good shape until he sustained rear suspension damage in the first corner of Race 2 after a competitor lost control and crashed into several cars causing the race to be red flagged with a full restart. Kyle was able to continue but there was no time to repair the damage and after struggling to make the race distance with massive amounts of understeer and an extremely unstable car he finished in a credible 9 th position. The car was fixed for the final race and over the 6 lap distance Kyle finished in 3 rd position. Although he was naturally disappointed that although he had the pace to win but bad luck proved to be the deciding factor.

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